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Moodtheme: Shahrukh Khan

Do you know how long this has been in the works? Since late January, I believe. Making a moodtheme is darn hard work. Lots, lots harder than iconning (due to sizing, ugh, and FACIAL expressions). For someone as expressive as Shahrukh, it's surprisingly hard to find good pictures of him being expressive! For 132 moods, I've probably looked at a good 600 images.

I apologize if it feels like there's a lot of SRK and Kajol. Yes, they are my favorite jodi, which also means I have the most screencaps of them handy. :)

Plus sorry for flooding you with SRK stuff lately. What can I say, I love the man and I'm on a kick.

BUT, searching for pictures for this led to other pictures that mean: A moodtheme of Salman Khan is now in the works! Yep. For some reason, a million pictures of Sallu come up when you Google SRK. Don't ask why, but it does. So yep, a Sallu moodtheme is around the corner as well.

Full 132 moods moodtheme:

(Click for full size.)

Zip containing all moods + codes .txt file + 43 ALTERNATES
Instructions on setting up the moodtheme via crackified

PLEASE credit me in your profile if you use the moodtheme.
See the top of this page -- this represents a lot of work, plus it'd be nice for others to be able to find the moodtheme too. :)

Comments are nice too, but not as necessary as credit.

Oh, and also, because I figured y'all might appreciate this humor PLUS I need to pimp out my new filmi blog:

Check us out: Bollywood Queens @ Blogspot
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